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Gabion Walling

Gabion walls are rectangular containers made of thick galvanized wire and then filled with stone, they are then stacked on top of each other to create a retaining wall. This method can be used for numerous situations from fish barriers in streams to directing the force of a flow of flood water. They are used as the mass of the blocks provides extreme stability.
Our design procedures for gabion walling follows the design criteria of BS8002.

Reno Matress

Reno mattresses are used for river bank and scour protection and also channel linings for erosion control. They are made up by stones been inserted at the bed of divided sections of woven mesh. With the stones in place no drainage is required as it lets the water through whilst retaining the soil. The main thing about using this method is it’s environmentally friendly, which has made it become very popular today.

Crib Walls

Crib walls are cells built up log cabin style from metal, precast concrete or timber and then filled in with soil. The benefits of these walls are they require less materials and can be constructed extremely rapidly, so they can be used for temporary use aswell as permanent.

Drystone Walling

Drystone walling can be used for numerous things, but more commonly seen throughout fields in Great Britain. They are made up of stones and boulders without the use of any mortar to bind them together. With our high skills and methods we can build Drystone walls to the highest standards with ease.

Reinforced Earth Walls

Reinforced earth wall structures are designed where mesh layers are implemented into the soil backfill as reinforcement to provide stability. We place a layer of facing panels, bolt the reinforcing strips, backfill and compact. We then repeat this cycle until wall is complete.
Our reinforced earth wall designs of these structures are in accordance with BS8006

Rock, Sea and River Defence

We carry out all aspects of rock, coastal, sea and river defense systems.
Rock defense is a system where a woven wire mesh is implied to stabilize any loose rocks. When this is used it pins the rocks to the rock face keeping them securely in place.
Sea Defense is most commonly used as defense against flooding and erosion of a coastal area. The main cause is due to major waves and tide.
However our River defense systems can protect against riverbank and riverbed erosion.

Horse Arenas

We have designed and built numerous horse arenas, from complex designs to open plan designs. All our arenas are tailor made to your requirements, then installed throughout the UK. For more information on Arena’s feel free to give us a call today

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